Amazon $20 Gift Card from Western Union

Western Union is giving out $20 Amazon Gift Cards to try Western Union through their refer-a-friend program. By now, I think we all know I’m a huge fan of shopping on Amazon, so any deal that features Amazon gift cards is great! It’s Free Money Friday. If you are busy spending money on Amazon Lightning [...]

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Holiday Gifts for Beer Lovers

We just highlighted gifts for food lovers and wine lovers in our holiday gift guide, but what if your gift is for a beer lover? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Wondering what to get your beer lover friend this year? Of course beer makes the perfect gift, but you might want to think outside [...]

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So About that Russian ETF Thing…

Over the past 8 years, I’ve made a lot of calls here. Some have turned out very good (buying Facebook stock under $20) and some not so good. Then there’s a whole other level that’s 5 miles below the not-so-good, that’s downright ugly. It’s not always to admit it, but sometimes I just have to […]

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How I Earned $1,000 From Big Crumbs Cashback

We’re finishing up our holiday cash back series today with the cashback site Big Crumbs. Hopefully you’ve earned lots of cashback on all of your holiday shopping this season! Big Crumbs is a cashback program that I’ve used for a long time. I just checked my account and saw that I have $1,179.79 in lifetime [...]

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15 Career Lessons from a Soccer Dad

Career tips are easy to come by but not always easy to follow. Here are some I’ve learned over the last several months from a motley crew of 8 year old boys – if they can do it, so can you! It all began last summer when I ran the tryouts for my son’s youth […]

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Holiday Gifts for Food Lovers

Our holiday gift guide series highlights gifts for the foodies on your list. Do you have a food lover in your family? Wondering what to buy for the food lover in your life this year? We’ve got great suggestions perfect for your foodie and just as delicious for your wallet. Whether they love to cook, [...]

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Time to Start Buying Oil?

I hope your holiday season is going well. If it’s anything like mine, it is busy, busy, busy. That’s why you’ve seen fewer articles than usual here. I’m also trying to take advantage of the low expectations of the holiday season to reflect on the things that are really important. In November, the family slipped […]

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17 Tips for End of Year Tax Planning

It’s time for end of year tax planning! Time to get your financial house in order for tax season! What could be more fun that taking a break from holiday festivities and shopping to start thinking about taxes? It seems like every year when we do our taxes, there’s a few things we wish we [...]

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Net Worth Update December 2014 – Kyle the Real Estate Agent

Welcome to the Million Dollar Journey December 2014 Net Worth Update – Team MDJ edition. A select group of readers were selected to be part of Team MDJ which was conceived after the million dollar net worth milestone was achieved in June 2014. Kyle the Real Estate Agent was selected as a team member and […]

American Express $30 Best Buy Shopping Credit

American Express is giving out one time statement credits of $30 when you shop at Best Buy. It’s just in time, since I’m shopping for a Logitech remote for my husband… now if I could just decide between the Logitech 650 and the Logitech 700. Best Buy also carries the Logitech Harmony Ultimate, but it [...]

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Lazy Man’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

For years now I’ve done gift guides around this time of year. I always hope to get them out earlier, but much like my Christmas shopping, it seems to drag on until just about the last minute. When I first started creating gift guides, I struggled with whether to recommend the $400 GPS or the […]

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TopCashBack Offers Higher Cashback

Our holiday cash back series continues this week with the cashback site TopCashBack. Our latest cash back highlight is a site called TopCashBack. It’s similar to some of the other sites we’ve highlighted in the series; you can earn cash back just for shopping at your favorite stores! I noticed that I’m using TopCashBack more [...]

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How to Earn Amazon Instant Video Credits with Fast Shipping

One of the tips I mentioned in the 14 Ways to Save Even More Money Shopping on Amazon is to use slower shipping. With an Amazon Prime account, you can earn free credits for digital music and books by opting for the slower shipping instead of the free 2 day shipping. The North Pole is [...]

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How to Get Clean, Purified Water (at The Best Price)

Normally, I’d have my holiday gift guide ready for readers today. However, I’ve been sucked into drama on my “Is Home Depot’s Water Test from RainSoft a Scam?” article from almost 18 months ago. If you stick through this, I’ll give you details on a great, unrelated deal that’s 65% off of what I personally […]

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Inexpensive Gifts for Co-Workers

Our holiday gift guide series highlights gifts for your co-workers this week. Co-workers are usually tricky to buy for, so here are some ideas to get your started. The holiday season is here, and it’s about time to start making the holiday gift list for all those you need to buy for if you haven’t [...]

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Quick Holiday Checklist to Keep Your Finances on Track

The holidays are quickly approaching. In fact, today is “Green Monday“, historically one of the three biggest online shopping days of the season. While it’s a time of celebration and a joyous season to spend with family, it can also truly cause havoc on our finances. But before your finances get turned upside down shopping [...]

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Year End Tax Tips: 2014

This article originally was published a few years ago but I decided to pull it out of the archives (with a few modifications) due to its relevance for this year. I was watching the tax segment on BNN last night and they highlighted some year end tax strategies to take advantage of. Here is a […]

Odds and Ends – 12/4/2014

I thought I’d try something new today. It’s an article of a few things I’ve been thinking lately. Each of these are a little too long for Twitter, but not long enough to be their own article. So let’s dig in: Money Magazine’s December 2014 I love Money magazine and it is often inspires my […]

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Amazon $40 Gift Cards for $30

Are you shopping on Amazon this month? If so, here’s a great way to pick up $40 in Amazon gift cards for only $30. In addition, you can also get a $5 Toys R Us promo code with your purchase too! I signed up for the Gyft promotion this morning and it only took a [...]

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How to Earn Fat Wallet Cashback on Holiday Shopping

Each week we are highlighting our favorite cash back programs for your holiday shopping! This week we’re featuring FatWallet! Not only is FatWallet a great source of deals and personal finance tips, it also offers a way to earn cash back! They are currently running increased cash back for many stores as part of their [...]

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Things I Like: Amazon Fire TV Stick

It seems like has been forever since I’ve done a “Things I Like” article. I did a quick search and the last one was my NutriBullet Super Blender nearly 18 months ago. Fortunately, a deserving product showed up at my door a couple of days ago: the Fire TV Stick. I like my tech gadgets, […]

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6 Fun and Frugal Themes for Holiday Gatherings

Are you looking for some good, clean fun this holiday season? Hosting a get together and want to add a twist to it? Have you ever participated in an ornament or recipe swap? What about a getting together to watch movies or bake cookies? Here are six fun themes to add a little sparkle to [...]

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Where to Find Gift Card Deals for Restaurants, iTunes and Shopping

The holiday gift guide series continues this week with gift card deals! It’s time for the annual list of the best deals on restaurant and retail gift cards. Buy cards to give as gifts or to lock in a discount on your favorite chain restaurants. Use credit cards offering cash back on restaurants to increase [...]

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The Money Habits You Develop in Your 20s Will Help OR Hurt You For the Rest of Your Life

Have you ever heard the saying as the twig is bent, so grows the tree? That’s kind of how it is when it comes to money and finances. The money habits you develope in your 20s will help or hurt you for the rest of your life. What’s more, you have a very large degree of control over how it […]

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Save Money on Drinks with SodaStream

[Editor’s Note: As I was writing this article, SodaStream emailed me with a couple of Cyber Monday deals. All SodaStreams are 20% off with free shipping. There’s also a deal that if you buy 2 you get one free (good for gift giving). Finally, their outlet store has everything 50% off. Just go to SodaStream’s […]

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