Free Bookkeeping Software for Your Small Business

I’m going to outline for you the pathetic money system I used to have in place for my small business (I mean, it’s great that I had one…but wait and see what I mean). I had an excel sheet, and about 7 columns of the different revenue streams for my blog, Frugal Confessions. Each month, [...]

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Would You Take a Career Sabbatical?

In the last few years, there has been a lot of attention given to the idea of lifestyle design. As part of this attention, more people are taking career sabbaticals or embarking on “mini retirements.” The idea is that you don’t have to work for thirty or forty years, only to try and retire for […]

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Behavioral Finance: Good or Bad

A couple of weeks ago I asked Are Roth 401(k)s and Roth TSPs Better? in response to an article in Money Magazine. I attempted to give an answer in part 2 the following day. The argument was complex and worth reviewing those posts for more detail, here’s the shortest version I give. Because many people […]

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Net Worth Update September 2014 – Nobleea

Welcome to the Million Dollar Journey September 2014 Net Worth Update – Team MDJ edition. A select group of readers were selected to be part of Team MDJ which was conceived after the million dollar net worth milestone was achieved in June 2014. Nobleea was selected as a team member and will post net worth […]

BankAmericard $100 Sign Up Bonus

It’s Free Money Friday! Today we’re highlighting one of the cards I mentioned in my $2,075+ Application Spree to Stockpile 0% Credit Cards. Bank of America has a 10,000 bonus points offer that can be redeemed for $100 towards your next travel purchase with their BOA Travel Rewards card. How to Get Your $100 Bonus [...]

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Should You Lease Solar Panels?

A couple of days ago, I read an article on My Journey to Millions by Evan about how he is considering leasing solar panels. The arrangement is such that another company, Vivint, ponies up the cash for the equipment and Evan would agree to buy energy from them instead of his electric company. On the […]

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How Much Does a Late Payment Affect My Credit Score?

We frequently discuss the impact of credit inquiries on credit scores whenever I write about our latest credit card application spree. What we haven’t discussed before is how much a late payment will affect your credit score. I never had the perfect data point to share… until now! How Much Does a Late Payment Affect [...]

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How To Live With No Regrets

If you had to summarize everything you know about money into one sentence, could you do it? Just a few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to but now I can. In fact I can boil it down into just two words – No Regrets If you’re a stickler for finance I know you […]

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Bringing the Ray Rice Story into my Own Life

[Editor's note: Today's post is going to be light on personal finance. There are things that are more important than money. Today's post is a reminder of that. This article was written 24 hours ago and since then new information has come up (such as Goodell's statement), but I don't believe it materially changes much.] […]

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Watch Out for These Common Gold Scams

If you watch commercials or are ever bombarded by internet ads, then you would think everyone and their mother are emptying their jewelry coffers and melting their gold down at gold parties being held across the United States. Or perhaps you think you are the last person remaining who has not purchased a stash of [...]

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What Supplies Do You Need to Sell on Amazon?

As an Amazon seller, there is nothing more frustrating than running out of supplies when shipping in inventory to Amazon. I worked on putting together a list of most of the supplies I use to keep things running efficiently. If you also like to make money on Amazon, here’s a list of my go-to supplies. [...]

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Ultra Frugality Mode Activated!

From the beginning of starting Lazy Man and Money, I’ve been a proponent of both saving and investing. I’ve found that this is kind of an unusual stance amongst personal finance bloggers. While most everyone agrees that both are important, I usually see them lean heavily in one direction or the other. I don’t think […]

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The Risk of a Defined Benefit Pension

A government based defined benefit pension is considered the gold standard of retirement benefits.  The requirement is that you need to work for the government for 25-30 years, contribute a small portion of your salary towards the pension and in return, you get 60-70% of your working income monthly (some pensions are even indexed to […]

Are You Spending Enough Time Planning Your Retirement?

Not too long ago, I read an article on CNN Money reporting on a survey from Charles Schwab. The results indicate that most workers spend more time researching vacations and car purchases than they do retirement. It’s true that researching the investment options for a 401(k) or other employer-sponsored plan can be a daunting task. […]

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8 Ways to Bring in Extra Cash

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…extra cash (which you can then use to buy yourself some ice-cream if you’d like)! How to pull in extra cash is on many people’s minds. That’s because bringing in more money is a quick way to help whatever money goals you have, whether that’s saving for a [...]

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Time to Buy Yahoo Stock?

Over the weekend, Alibaba announced that it will price its IPO such that the company would have a 160 billion dollar valuation. Many people in the United States might not be familiar with the giant Chinese e-retailer. I’d include myself in that group. In fact, I had no idea how big the company is in […]

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Citi Double Cash 2% Cash Back Credit Card

I mentioned a new card I was targeting in my $2,075+ Credit Card Application Spree. The Citi Double Cash card is essentially a 2% cash back card. I think 2% cash back cards are some of the best cards for everyday spending. It’s a good alternative since our 2.27% on our Barclaycard Arrival expired and [...]

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Save Money and Have Fun with a Staycation

If you are trying to save money, a vacation is rarely the first thing that comes to mind. However, what’s the point of living if you can’t actually live a little? The good news is that enjoying life doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can get away even in your own backyard when you […]

How to Use Walmart’s Savings Catcher Program

Walmart is back again with a new savings program that will hopefully lower the prices for thousands of families. Well, sort of. It’s not that they are lowering their prices through the Saving’s Catcher Program, but rather they are willing to pay you the difference between their price and a lower competitor’s price in the [...]

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Solving a Huge Problem with the Financial Planning Industry

A couple of weeks ago, Evan from My Journey to Millions wrote about a huge problem with the financial planning industry, which was itself inspired by a post on Sweating the Big Stuff (StBS). Yes, the Inception runs deep with three layers of articles commenting on articles. Here’s a brief explanation for those who want […]

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Should We Boycott Burger King for Avoiding Taxes?

The other day, I got some coupons from Burger King in the mail. Typically, I give them one look and discard them. Why? Most of the time they require the purchase of fries and a drink. I have trouble looking at that without thinking, “Hmmm, fried starchy carbs and sugary or chemically drinks at extremely […]

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$2,075+ Application Spree to Stockpile 0% Credit Cards

The kids just went back to school, so it’s time for an application spree! Long time readers are familiar with many of my previous application sprees to sign up for a about a dozen of my favorite credit card sign up bonuses at the same time. It’s not for everyone, and it has to be [...]

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How We Got Through 5 Months of Unemployment

Last fall I received a text from my husband telling me that he was being let go and would be home soon. To be quite honest, he went through a lot of turmoil in the five years he was with his previous company, surviving a buyout by a larger corporation, several bosses, and less-than-ideal working [...]

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Should You Invest in Frontier Markets?

Regular readers know I’m a big fan of diversification. It’s been a long time since I’ve waved my flag as strongly as I have over the past few months. I’m not optimistic about where the US stock market is headed over the next year or two. The Shiller PE is very, very high, which means […]

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Reader Mail: Should I Sell or Hold during Stock Mergers/Acquistions?

The big financial news in Canada these days is that Burger King is acquiring Tim Hortons in a cash and stock deal worth $12 billion.  When big events like this happens, I typically get a number of emails on the topic, this time around, readers are wondering what to do with their shares of Tim […]

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