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Help Me Pick A New Logo Design?

Dear friends, would you help me pick a new logo design for The Digerati Life?

Oh yeah, I need a new look! Photo by Image and Style News

Though I’ve always wanted to give this place a cosmetic face-lift over the years (goodness knows how much The Digerati Life needs it ), I’ve been […]

FDIC Insurance Coverage and Limits for Your Bank Accounts

FDIC insurance will cover the money you have deposited in an FDIC-insured bank or financial institution up to a certain limit in the event the cash in your bank account is no longer available from the bank. It’s important to be aware of the maxium amount that’s covered by FDIC insurance so that you don’t […]

Cyber Monday Frugal Gift Ideas

Were you up and out last Friday morning at 4:00am to take advantage of Black Friday sales?  Me neither.  I prefer to do most of my Christmas shopping online, and have taken advantage of Cyber Monday deals the last couple years.
I thought I would share with you a few gifts we have received over the […]

TradeKing $50 Bonus Ends Tomorrow

Original Post on The Sun’s Financial Diary
TradeKing $50 Bonus Ends Tomorrow
Just a quick reminder: TradeKing’s $50 bonus for a new account promotion will end tomorrow, November 30th. This offer has been extended once, but there’s no sign it will be extended again. So, if you want to get the $50 free money, you have one […]

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FNBO Direct vs ING Direct – Reader Compares Online Savings Accounts

FNBO Direct online savings account higher interest rates and customer service are two of the reasons a reader is pleased with his high yield savings account.
FNBO Direct vs ING Direct
The main complaint I hear about FNBO Direct is that it’s user interface is a little behind the other online savings accounts available in terms […]

Six Strategies To Reduce Your Technology Bills

The following is a guest post from Kevin Brand, SVP of product marketing for Earthlink.
1. Assess your needs.  Look at the ways you use technology in your home. Take a week and monitor how often you are on the phone, watching television, or surfing the net. Once you see how much time you are using […]

TradeKing $50 Sign Up Offer Will Expire Soon!

The TradeKing $50 sign up offer is about to end. You’ve got two more days if you’re interested in opening an account and getting the bonus.
I just want to let all you would-be investors (or traders) out there know that TradeKing’s offer to give you $50 if you sign up and open an account with […]

Black Friday Deals, Holiday Sales, Big Discounts Up To 90% Off

Looking for some online Black Friday holiday sales and big discounts? Here are some deals.
I mentioned earlier that there is no way you’ll catch me in a store today. I just don’t see the Black Friday deals in brick-and-mortal stores worth the hassle and risk. Maybe you’re thinking of donning your […]

When Black Friday Deals Are Not Worth The Risk

Black Friday deals can be pretty attractive, but be careful where you find them. In some places, they’re not worth the risk to your safety.
What is this? This isn’t a gathering for a concert, a vigil / protest, or a wild sports event.

Photo by NY Times

This is a highly expectant crowd that’s in […]

My Black Friday Deal – Saved 50% From the Couch

I spend enough time on the computer I decided to it would be money well spent to upgrade from my 15″ computer monitor to something a little bigger. Of course I decided this several months ago and haven’t had time to shop around until last night.
Cruising around the web on the couch after Thanksgiving […]

Black Friday: Why Does It Exist?

Has everyone gotten back from the Black Friday sales? I got back from my Black Friday foray a little earlier today. I would have written before now, but I had a little left-over chicken (we opted for chicken rather turkey this year – it’s just a better size for two) and dozed back […]

Regular Mortgage versus Reverse Mortgage: A Comparative Study

Original Post on The Sun’s Financial Diary
Regular Mortgage versus Reverse Mortgage: A Comparative Study
This article is written by mortgagespecialist, a member of She has been writing on different mortgage related topics like refinancing, second mortgage, foreclosures, etc.
A regular mortgage refers to that mortgage loan which you take in order to buy a home of […]

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Do You Have a Black Friday Story?

We all know I’m in love with Black Friday! Whether it’s shopping resources for the big day, getting free stuff or shopping online, I think it’s such a fun event.
However, since we’re out of town, I didn’t do my usual routine. Hopefully, I’m still sleeping. (OK, I have two toddlers, that would never happen!) […]

Save Money On Skiing

[The following is a guest post by Ski Snowboarder. He often writes about skiing safety, skiing gear (including a winter sports store), skiing tips and snowboarding tips. If you like what you read, I suggest you subscribe to his RSS Feed.]
Skiing, too often, is consider a “rich person’s sport,” a sport like tennis […]

Rewards Credit Cards, Book Winner and Money Links

No Fee Rewards Credit Cards
As you may know already, I’m a big fan of no fee rewards credit cards and cash back credit cards.  If you have the discipline, it’s a great way to funnel your spending to accumulate the points/cash on money that’s going to be spent anyways.  Of course, these points programs only […]

linklings, quiet weekend edition

Hope everyone’s enjoying a long weekend. I had a lot of links to run through, from The Money Writers and others.  I’m not kidding myself – everyone’s occupied with the holiday and enjoying themselves, not slogging through link roundups :)  But if you do find yourself looking for good reading, I thought all of […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Original Post on The Sun’s Financial Diary
Happy Thanksgiving!
There are a lot things to be thankful for on this day of giving thanks, family, friends, colleagues. But here on this blog, I’d like to thank everybody for their participation, reading, commenting, or simply stopping by. Without your the reader, it would be impossible for the site […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I just want to take a minute and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are having a fine dinner and watching lots of football.
I’m thankful for too many things to even begin to enumerate here. I will say that I’m thankful there are people in this world like Je’Rod Cherry who […]

It’s A Wonderful Life! Happy Thanksgiving To All!

There’s so much to be thankful for, amidst the challenges we’ve faced this year. We’re counting our blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Pilgrim doggies from

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Black Friday Sales Are Emotional Shopping Trap

I admit to being put off by the commercialism of Christmas, and the entire holiday season. I’m not quite a Scrooge, but pretty close! A while back I wrote about being a reformed emotional shopper. Might sound strange coming from a guy, but it is true. I used to shop when I was sad, happy, […]

Big Thanksgiving Thank You to Our Readers!

Thank you to the readers that make this site possible!  Despite the fact that:

You may not always agree with what we write
Some of the things we write about may not apply to you

You continue to read the site on a daily basis, and for that we thank you!
We know your time is valuable so we […]

Why You Should Make Room for Charitable Giving in Your Budget

Original Post on The Sun’s Financial Diary
Why You Should Make Room for Charitable Giving in Your Budget
Following is a guest post written by Jonathan from Master Your Card.
You already know you should have a budget. It’s likely that you also know how to set the budget up: categorize your spending, allocate your income, yadda […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that you are enjoying time with family and friends today. We have many things to be thankful for in our family this year, and I hope you do too!
You’ll notice that I switched the schedule around a bit this week since it’s a holiday week and we’re traveling. If you are doing […]

Moonjar Giveaway!

Yesterday I did a product review of a piggy bank like device, called the MoonJar, that helps teach children how to handle money.  More specifically, the Moonjar allows children to separate and store their money into 3 compartments; spending, savings, and sharing.  I think that this product is great for kids as both an educational […]

A Thanksgiving Story: What the Pilgrims Taught Us About Capitalism

I recently read an interesting little story in the L.A. Times,  Giving Thanks, about the real lessons learned from the first Thanksgiving. It is a story you probably missed in school. It is a lesson in capitalism, in self-sufficiency, and in personal freedom.
Here is a short excerpt from the article:
For the Pilgrims, life was a […]

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