Thanksgiving Leftovers

Like your typical Thanksgiving leftovers, this post is a bit of a mix of many small items. I wish I could make it as great as real Thanksgiving leftovers, but that’s a goal too lofty. Music Deal of the Century Let’s start with dessert first. What if you could build an entire music collection of […]

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Dividends vs. Capital Gains, Financial Literacy, Faster Mortgage Freedom and more!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite promo which offered 25k bonus points and no annual fee for the first year. Readers indicated that the fine print showed that the “no annual fee” promo was expired, but I have confirmed with TD that this offer is good until December […]

14 Ways to Save Even More Money Shopping on Amazon

We’re gearing up for our third holiday season as Amazon sellers. Over the last few years, I’ve not only learned how to maximize revenue as a seller, but I’ve also learned lots of incredible ways for buyers to save money on purchases! In fact, I still do most of my holiday shopping on Amazon because [...]

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To Get a New Television or Not on Black Friday

Yesterday I gave some advice to those thinking about buying a television on Black Friday this year. The conclusion I came to was, that for most people, it makes more sense to wait for bigger 4K televisions (where the resolution will matter) and OLED. However, I left open the possibility for those with smaller or […]

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This Month’s Most Popular Finance Tips: November

This month our favorite finance discussion topics were ways to make extra money organizing your clutter, the sharing economy, inexpensive Christmas gifts, Black Friday free stuff and shopping tips, tips from Downsized, and the cost of cutting cable. If you missed the most popular finance tips this month, here’s a quick overview: This Month’s Most [...]

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Getting a Television on Black Friday? Read This First.

To get a television or not? That is the question. Just two months ago, I wrote about the next television revolution which combines two upcoming technologies OLED and 4K. OLED is a huge improvement for everyone with typical 1080P televisions (yes even those with plasmas). We’ll get to it in a bit, but 4K isn’t […]

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Black Friday Shopping Tips to Save You Money

The countdown is on… it’s only a few more days until Black Friday! Now that you are prepared for holiday shopping with your list and budget, it’s time to do some planning for Black Friday sales. When Do Black Friday Deals Start? Black Friday, which traditionally marked the beginning of holiday shopping, is the day [...]

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Deal: Top All-time Blu-Ray Movies for $3.99

Every now and again I see a deal that I just can’t pass up. I usually don’t write about them, because I don’t think they will interest most people. Today is different. If you like movies, which I feel is almost everyone, you’ll probably enjoy this. Amazon has a bunch of Blu-Ray movies available for […]

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A Simple Low Cost Diversified ETF Portfolio 2014

This post was originally posted in 2008 but was recently updated to include the latest low cost index ETFs available to investors. Diversified indexing seems to be all the rage these days. To be honest, I’ve only recently started seeing the real benefits of indexing. As you may know, I am an aggressive investor and […]

Black Friday 2014 Free Stuff

Black Friday 2014 Free Stuff! It’s the annual Black Friday 2014 free stuff list! It’s one of the most exciting and one of my favorite Free Money (or in this case free stuff!) offers. Compiling the list for free stuff on Black Friday is also one of my favorite holiday traditions! Black Friday 2014 Free [...]

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Upromise Rewards Cashback

Up next in our holiday cash back series is Upromise! Upromise is one of my favorite cash back programs. It’s also a reader favorite… Remember when reader Shaun highlighted Upromise as his go-to cashback program in his $12,000 Amazon Success Story? How to Earn Money with Upromise Sign up for a Upromise account. Earn cashback [...]

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Should I Upgrade My Furnace and Water Heater?

Sometimes, I ask a question and I have a good hunch of what the right answer is going to be. Today’s article is not a such a case. As I write this article, I don’t know where it will go. That’s very different from most of my articles. In my last article, I wrote about […]

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Consider These Hidden Costs Before You Cut Your Cable

Cable is one of those bills that is completely optional, yet many people have it. If you’ve been diligently trying to cut your household costs, get out of debt, or save more money every month, you’ve probably thought about canceling cable. A market research group, The NDP Group, estimates that the average family will be [...]

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Energy Assessments: Free Stuff and One Secret, Sneaky Tip

When was the last time someone showed up at your home to save you money… and gave you over a hundred dollars worth of free stuff? This happened to me recently… and I want to share the experience with you. A few weeks ago I wrote abour our journey to solar power I like to […]

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Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Staff

Our countdown to the holidays continues this week with our holiday gift guide series! This week we’re focusing on inexpensive holiday gifts for staff. If you have employees or other staff to buy for, we’ve got you covered! The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. With the end of the year closing, it [...]

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How to Get Through the Holidays Debt Free

Ahh, the holidays. They are a great time of year. For me they are better now than in the past. This is because in the past, I never budgeted for gifts. In January I would find myself in a few hundred dollars of debt and spend the next few months paying it off, only to [...]

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Save Money with USD to CAD Foreign Exchange using Norbert’s Gambit

With the U.S Dollar (USD) gaining strength in the global currency game, it has resulted in the Canadian Dollar (CAD) losing some ground.  While this means that shopping in USD is more expensive for Canadians, it’s great news for those who have some of their nest egg or generate income in USD. While it’s a […]

Amazon $10 Gift Cards from Softcard x 15

During the holidays, I love offers that reward us with Amazon Gift Cards! In fact, I just got my Bing Rewards $5 Amazon Gift Card which my son informed me I should redeem for a refill pack for his favorite holiday toy, the Crayola Marker Maker! The latest Softcard promo offer is for $10 Amazon [...]

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Should I Pay for the 5% BJ’s Warehouse Cash Back?

I was at my local BJ’s Warehouse the other day and I noticed that they were promoting a way to get 5% cash back. For those who don’t live in the New England area, BJ’s is like Costco. It’s your typical warehouse club. Since the prices are already very low, getting an extra 5% is […]

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SwagBucks Cashback and $5 Sign Up Bonus

We’re continuing our holiday cash back series with a special offer from Swagbucks! Swagbucks allows you to earn points to exchange for gift cards that you can use for everyday purchases or holiday shopping. I just checked my account and I was pleased to see I still have over 16,000 Swagbucks to cash out (leftover [...]

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Lazy… Useless… Good for Nothing… That’s Not a Bad Strategy.

The following is a guest post by Rob Pivnick, author of What All Kids (and adults too) Should Know About… Saving & Investing. There is more information about the author at the end of the article, but just reading his accomplishments makes me tired. Someone recently commented on an article of mine saying “I am […]

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Target 10% Off Gift Cards on Black Friday

As we gear up for Black Friday (and Small Business Saturday), I’m getting excited about some of the deals on the horizon. Target is selling 10% off gift cards on Black Friday this year! The good news is you don’t even have to set foot in the store; they are selling them online too! I’ve [...]

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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $5

As we countdown to the holidays, we’re sharing fun ideas to keep your holiday spending under budget! This week we are highlighting Christmas gift ideas under five dollars in our holiday gift guide series. These days, you probably think five dollars can’t get you very far. And in many cases, you’re right. But when you’re [...]

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Veteran’s Day Deals that Aren’t

I’m usually not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. If you’ve got something free, I’ll definitely look into taking it (though that leads me to me collecting a fair amount of junk). That said, this is the time of year where everyone posts great Veteran’s Day meals and deals. As I’ve mentioned […]

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How to Improve Your Credit Score by Focusing on Payment History and Reducing Credit Card Debt

One of the things that many consumers are obsessed with today is a better credit score. After all, your credit score influences more than whether or not you qualify for a mortgage, or whether you get the best interest rate on an auto loan. Your credit score can also impact the insurance premium you pay, […]

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