Police Officer Suicide After Stealing Money From Youth

The alleged suicide of Fox Lake police lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz just gets crazier by the day. The moment the news broke of Gliniewicz’s alleged corruption which reportedly lead up to his perfectly staged death, every news station covering the tragedy were forcing it down America’s throat that he killed himself. I sat at home looking at the news reporters side ways because it was so obvious that they were selling the suicide – not reporting it.

Since the reporting of Gliniewicz, who was once considered a community hero, embezzling thousands of dollars from the Explore Youth Training Program that he ran, the story just gets more and more bizarre and suspect.

What’s so strange is that if Glineiwicz needed money so bad, he could have gone to friends, family member, his church, credit cards, or lenders in San Antonio. Why did he have to embezzle it?

Unfortunately, his family is being punished until the investigation into his death and alleged criminal dealings is complete. Residents of Chicago donated money to support the family during their loss, but the bank account set up to collect funds for the family has been frozen. The sudden passing of a family member is not only taxing emotionally on loved ones, but the funeral costs as well as everyday expenses that used to be taken care of before the family member passed away are now in the red. Those thoughtful donations would have helped Gliniewicz family a great deal. If his death is ruled a suicide, it is highly probable his family would not be able to collect on his life insurance policy. Spokesman for Harris Bank Patrick O’Herlihy reported Wednesday that the funds were being held pending the results of the investigation. O’Herlihy could not confirm the amount in the bank account or who it will be released after the investigation is completed.

According to the Associated Press, authorities are investigating Gliniewicz’s wife and oldest son for their possible role in his alleged criminal activities. As the case continues to unfold, Detective Covelli advises people who donated to the family should contact the charity groups to inquire about receiving a refund. Fox Lake police officers who sold t-shirts in honor of their fellow officer to benefit Gliniewicz’s family. According to the Fire & Police Commission, the t-shirts raised $126,000 for the family. The village of Fox Lake did not set up accounts for Gliniewicz family and they did not sponsor any fundraising events.

The Lake Zurich Police Department set up a collection site to gather donations for the family as well. The amount collected is unknown and the Lake Zurich department does not know if the money was deposited into the account that is now frozen. Those demanding their donations back are being directed to the Gliniewicz’s attorney. Believing officer Gliniewicz was killed in the line of duty, The CEO of the 100 Club Joe Ahern handed the family a $15,000 check. They, too, are wanting their donation returned after learning his death might have been a suicide. Ahern stated suicides do not fit their mission statement to assist widows of fallen police officers and they want the community to believe the 100 Club are “good stewards” of their money. So are widows to suffer because their spouse chose to commit suicide?

While the community is seeking to get refunds on their donations that were supposed to come from the heart unconditionally, the investigation could possibly prove officer Gliniewicz was murdered and set up to look like a suicide. In the underworld, those who threaten to “snitch” usually end up in a perfectly staged suicide. This investigation sounds like a movie. It will be a while before the mystery is solved on this one. The story continues to unfold…