Steve Jobs Fails Again?

Steve Jobs and the word failure are seldom ever in the same breath. When we think of the late, great co-founder of Apple Incorporated Steve Jobs, words such as brilliance, pioneer, businessman, and legacy usually come to mind. As I type this article on a Mac laptop, I cannot help but to think about Jobs’ contribution to world. It was always rumored that the innovator allegedly stole ideas from those who worked closely with him and that he was a cold and calculating man. It is possible Jobs was just misunderstood throughout the years as he tried to actualize what he envisioned.

There have been several attempts made by different directors, writers, and producers to depict the life of a man described as a genius by some and a monster by others. Every attempt has been judged harshly as epic fails. Fascinated and intrigued by the college drop-out turned mogul, I could not wait to see the movie Jobs. When I heard actor and tech-head Ashton Kutcher would be playing Jobs, I was eager to see the finished product. Kutcher put on those coke-bottle eyeglasses that was Jobs signature and he became him. The production piece gave more insight into the man behind the Apple empire. It captured Jobs’ grassroots efforts in a garage to turn his vision into a reality. Many gained more respect for the revolutionary. Others, however, viewed the 2013 film as slow. One critic compared it to watching paint dry.

The release of Steve Jobs on October 6, 2015 possibly sent a message to the production crew behind Jobs that their version did not do the man justice. However, the public was just as critical on the second attempt to capture Jobs on-screen as the first attempt. Many wanted the film to expose why those who worked closely with Jobs questioned whether or not he was allowed into heaven or went to the blazing hot place instead on October 5, 2011 when he succumbed to pancreatic cancer. With a star-studded cast Michael Fassbender as Jobs, Kate Winslet as Joanna Hoffman, and Seth Rogan as the whiz-kid who was there from the beginning Steve Wozniak. Directed by Danny Boyle and produced by Legendary Pictures, critics chewed the film up and spit it out.

However, Fassbender was given rave reviews for his portrayal of Jobs, stating he gave a towering performance of limitless firepower and savage wit.

Winslet’s performance was incredible. Hoffman was known as the Assistant in Job’s life who often gave him a reality check. Critics were surprised by Rogan’s emotional role as Jobs’ business partner. The cast was impressive, but the box office numbers were not. Maybe there is something to two films about the same person released within a couple of years of one another is not a good idea. If the public was disappointed by the first film, they are not likely to spend money at the theater to see the second one.

Though Jobs has not succeeded in Hollywood on the big screen, this amazing man achieved phenomenal success in his real life as an innovator, visionary, and pioneer. He brought change to technology that will be a part of his legacy and our history for centuries to come. Jobs, even in the afterlife, can never fail.